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Posters are to be displayed at a public place to announce or advertise something. Posters are used to spread awareness among the people.



The purpose of designing a poster is either to create social awareness about issues related to current problems and needs, or to advertise or even to extend public invitations and display notices.



Posters is to be colourful, attractive and tempting.

  1. They must be drafted carefully to attract the attention of the readers, excite their imagination and influence their minds.

  2. Posters are read from a distance. Do not give many details in a poster. Highlight only  important issue/issues.


(a) Layout

  • Title-suggestive/catchy

  • Use slogan, jingle or short verse

  • Sketch or simple drawings

  • Letters of different size and shape

  • Proportionate spacing, etc

  • Visually attractive/Eye Catching


(b) Contents

  • The theme or subject

  • Description or details related to the theme

  • Essential details like time, date, venue (for an event)

  • Name(s) of issuing authority/organisation, etc

(c) Expression

  • Phrases, slogans, persuasive language

  • Creativity in terms of content and design

  • Overall organisation and sequencing of the matter

  • Observe word limit (usually 50)

Question 1: Design a poster for promoting cleanliness in the surroundings of your colony.


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Question 2: Design a poster to increase awareness among the youth about blindness and the importance of donating eyes.

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Question 3: Design a poster to launch ‘Tree Plantation Campaign’ in the area surrounding your school. Trees live for us. Let us protect our friends.


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Question 4: You were very upset about the reports on communal riots in various parts of the country. As a concerned social worker, design a poster in not more than 50 words, highlighting the importance of communal harmony. You are Vinay/Vineeta.

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