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A notice is a written or printed news announcement or information. A notice may contain news/information about something that has happened or is likely to happen. It may be a formal announcement of public importance or an advance warning meant for compliance and information. A notice can be about a meeting, an event, an excursion/historical trip/a picnic, lost and found, change of name/address/uniform/timings/venue etc.Notices are effective means of disseminating information related to different issues or occasions. They reach to a large number of persons in a short time. Hence a notice is written in simple and formal language. It is clear, brief and to the point.

Points to remember

  • Stick to the specified word limit.

  • You need to write the word NOTICE at the top.

  • Do not forge to mention the Name and Place of the school, or organization or office that is issuing the notice.

  • An appropriate heading is required.

  • Include the date of issuing the notice.

  • State the target group clearly (for whom the notice is to be displayed).

  • Write the purpose of the notice.

  • Mention other relevant details like date, venue and time.

  • State that needs to be contacted for extra information.

  • The signature, name and designation of the person who is issuing the notice should be there.



Since notices are a formal document it should follow a structure or a format. Keep in mind there is no one correct rigid format. Different formats used by different people/organizations can show some variations. But it is ideal to follow a somewhat similar format for ease of understanding and uniformity. Let us look at the most used format of notices.

  1. Name of Issuing Organization/Authority: Right at the very top, you print the name of the person or company that is issuing the said notices. This will help the reader identify the notices as important or unimportant to him.

  2. Title: When writing notices we mention a title “NOTICE” at the top. This helps draw attention to the document. Notices are generally posted at a public place or published in newspapers. It is important that they do not get lost in a sea of information. So a bold title clearly mentioned helps draw the attention.

  3. Date: After the tile to the left-hand side we print the date on which the notices have been published. Since this is a formal document date is an important aspect of it since these documents stay on record.

  4. Heading: Then we move on to an appropriate heading to the notices. This heading should make abundantly clear the purpose of the notices.

  5. Body: After the heading, we write the brief and to the point body of the notice. The main content of the notice features in the body.

  6. Writer’s Name: At the end of the notices we write the name and designation of the notice-writer. The notices have to also be signed by the same person to lend it authority and validity.




Title/ Subject of the Event



                   Authorized Signatory

                   (Name, Designation and Signature)


Notices should cover some important points that are to be communicated to the readers. Let us summarize the five points that the content of the notice will cover, the five W’s

  1. What: What is the notice about? The notice should be clear about what is going to happen (event), or what has already happened (occasion). This is the crux of the message and should be written clearly. There should not be any ambiguity.

  2. Where: If the notice is about an event, then the location of such an event must be written clearly. The venue or the location are important details, so make sure to include this in the notice.

  3. When: This is the time and the date of the event or meeting. If possible the duration of the event should also be mentioned to people can schedule their time accordingly.

  4. Who: This will be who the notice is addressed to. Who all are suppose to adhere to the notice should be clearly mentioned to avoid confusion.

  5. Whom: And final detail should be whom to contact or get in touch with. This mentions who the appropriate authority is to contact.


Q:1  On the occasion of Diwali your housing society has planned a feast for all its members. As the chairman of your society write a notice inviting all the members of the society to this gathering. Provide all the necessary details. You are Rahul Sharma.


ABC Co-operative Housing Society


     25th October 2017.

Diwali Gathering

     On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the Society has organized gathering followed by dinner. All members

      of the society are requested to attend the event in the clubhouse of the society at 8:00 pm on the 30th of



     Rahul Sharma

     Chairman of ABC Co-operative Housing Society



Q: 2 Water supply will be suspended for eight hours (10 am to 6 pm) on 6th of March for cleaning of the water tank. Write a notice in about 50 words advising the residents to store water for a day. You are Karan Kumar/Karuna Bajaj, Secretary, Janata Group Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool.(CBSE 2016)

Janata Group Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool.

                                 March 01, 201X


                                  This notice is to inform all the residents regarding the suspension of water

                                  supply for 8 hours. It is being done to clean the water tank. The details are

                                  as follows:

DATE- March 6
TIME- 10 am – 6 pm

                                 Thus, It is a humble request to store the required amount of water beforehand

                                 to minimise the difficulty. 

                                 Karan Kumar/ Karuna Bajaj


Q: 3  You are Ruhi/Rahul, head girl/boy of ABC convent school. Your school is going to organize an inter-school singing competition. Write a notice for your school notice board inviting names of all the interested students.




                       March 01,2019


                       The school is organising an Inter-school Singing Competition on March 19, 2019;

                       Tuesday at 12pm in the school auditorium. More than 20 schools from all over the city

                       will participate. Interested students may contact the undersigned latest by March 10,


                        Head girl/boy

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